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Competition. Camaraderie. Community.

Golf is a great game that people of all skill levels and styles can enjoy. Some prefer to play with strict adherence to the Rules of Golf. Others like to be more relaxed. Some prefer to play against themselves or the course. Others like to compete with friends. At MyGolfTour LLC, we love that! That's why we built Total Golf Tracker.

We believe golfers should play by whatever rules they want, in whatever format they want, with whomever they want. To that end, we've created a brand new platform for golfers to manage their league and golf trip competitions that empowers them to play by their own rules.

We built Total Golf Tracker because we love crafting fair and compelling competitions on the course. Whether we're playing a Scotch game, Foursomes, Skins or tracking our rounds for our own version of the FedEx Cup, we enjoy making sure anyone has a chance to win if they play well. We built our platform so that others could easily do the same with their groups. We hope you enjoy it.

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Every Golfer. Every League. Every Format.

Every group puts their own spin on the rules for their favorite games. Our goal with Total Golf Tracker is to ensure that your rules never have to change to use our platform. We know we can't accommodate all competition formats right out of the gate, but we're committed to continuously adding features to enable a greater variety of games. If we are unable to support your format, let us know. We'll work to enable the functionality as soon as possible.

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