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Play by your own rules.

Total Golf Tracker allows you to put your group's personal touch on your favorite golf competitions. As complex as your competition gets, Total Golf Tracker makes it easy to configure and score your leagues and trips.

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Download the Mobile App!

Total Golf Tracker is finally available for download. Find it in the Google Play store for Android or in the Apple App Store for iOS download it at the links below!

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Key Features

Leagues and Trips

Fully configure handicapping rules, flights, teams and any awards earned through competitions.

Flexible Pairings

Easily establish who's playing with whom, what tees they'll play and how many strokes will be given.

Remote Competitions

Compete with friends while playing different courses. Keep your "club" together even from different States.


Compete using your USGA Handicap or have your own calculated based on your league/trip scores.

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To create a user account, you provided your name, contact information and, optionally, your Handicap information. At your request, we will remove your user account and associated information from the app. Please enter your name and the email address for your user account below to request deletion of your user account.

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